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 blonde_hair blue_skirt bow breasts chainsaw cleavage collarbone floating_hair full_body green_bow green_eyes hair_between_eyes hair_bow holding leafa long_hair looking_at_viewer medium_breasts miniskirt open_mouth pleated_skirt pointy_ears ponytail school_uniform serafuku shirt sidelocks simple_background skirt solo sword_art_online thighhighs torn_clothes torn_thighhighs very_long_hair white_background white_legwear white_shirt zettai_ryouiki  1boy bat_wings belt blue_eyes blue_hair cardfight!!_vanguard chainsaw chainsaw_megatrick_furnival company_name curtains full_body gift gloves hat hat_removed headwear_removed heterochromia horns male_focus necktie official_art open_mouth pink_eyes pink_hair riko_(pixiv_8741772) solo sparkle star stuffed_animal stuffed_toy teddy_bear teeth wings 1girl aikatsu! aikatsu_stars! artist_request blue_hair chainsaw dress drill_hair frills hair_ornament long_hair long_sleeves rain school_uniform shark sharknado sharp_teeth shirogane_lilly skirt teeth white_hair yonhin_moku  1girl bad_id bad_pixiv_id chainsaw fuyuri short_hair solo thighhighs turtleneck urotsuki yume_2kki  1girl bad_id bad_pixiv_id chainsaw guitar instrument short_hair skirt solo turtleneck urotsuki yume_2kki 1girl black_legwear blonde_hair chainsaw full_body seriko_(seo77000) short_hair skirt solo thighhighs turtleneck urotsuki yume_2kki zettai_ryouiki  1girl black_legwear blonde_hair blood chainsaw copyright_name long_sleeves red_eyes short_hair skirt solo turtleneck urotsuki yume_2kki  1boy 1girl bandaged_arm chainsaw cloak comic greyscale head_tilt helmet hood hooded_cloak karaagetarou long_hair monochrome original ponytail scabbard scarf sheath sleeveless space_craft  ... 1boy 1girl bandaged_arm chainsaw cloak collar comic desert flying_sweatdrops footprints greyscale helmet hood hooded_cloak karaagetarou long_hair monochrome original ponytail scabbard scarf sheath sleeveless spoken_ellipsis sweatdrop waving  1girl bandaged_arm beam chainsaw collar comic desert footprints greyscale karaagetarou long_hair monochrome original ponytail scabbard scarf sheath sleeveless sweat visible_air  1girl chainsaw comic dress from_below greyscale karaagetarou looking_up machinery monochrome original ponytail robot scabbard scarf sheath sleeveless sleeveless_dress speech_bubble standing talking text translated trembling weapon  >_< /\/\/\ 1boy 1girl chainsaw cloak collar collarbone comic eyes_closed greyscale helmet hood hooded_cloak karaagetarou long_hair monochrome original sleeveless sparkle sweat 1girl blonde_hair blue_dress blue_eyes blush chainsaw comic cover cover_page desert dress highres karaagetarou looking_at_viewer looking_back original single_thighhigh sky solo star_(sky) starry_sky thighhighs  1girl animal_ears black_background black_gloves black_hair black_scarf chainsaw coat cowboy_shot dress fox_ears fox_girl fox_tail fur_trim gas_mask gloves green_eyes grey_sweater hair_ornament hair_over_one_eye long_sleeves muryou original scarf solo sweater sweater_dress tail x_hair_ornament  apron blonde_hair blue_eyes chainsaw chinese comic enterprise_(zhan_jian_shao_nyu) hair_ornament hammer hat long_hair multiple_girls north_carolina_(zhan_jian_shao_nyu) pliers red_hair saratoga_(zhan_jian_shao_nyu) saw screwdriver short_hair south_dakota_(zhan_jian_shao_nyu) tools translation_request vestal_(zhan_jian_shao_nyu) y.ssanoha zhan_jian_shao_nyu  1boy 1girl absurdres artist_name ass bathroom bathtub black_hair blood blood_splatter bloody_feet bow chainsaw closed_mouth cracked_glass frown hair_bow highres holding indoors light long_hair mirror nude original paper pliers red_bow reflection sink standing toilet twintails very_long_hair yu_nuo_yang  1girl brown_hair chainsaw chaos_blade_(oratta) gloves green_eyes hat official_art one_eye_closed shina_shina short_hair solo stuffed_animal stuffed_toy teddy_bear thighhighs 1girl :o aikatsu! aikatsu_stars! bangs blue_dress blue_hair blush bokkun_(doyagaobyo) chainsaw convenient_censoring dress drill_hair gradient_hair hairband highres long_hair looking_at_viewer multicolored_hair no_panties petticoat red_eyes school_uniform shirogane_lilly snowflakes snowing solo white_hair wind wind_lift winter  1girl big_hair black_hair blood blood_splatter bound_hair bow chainsaw character_request copyright_request dark glasses grey_background highres long_hair over-rim_glasses poaro purple-framed_eyewear purple_blood red_eyes semi-rimless_glasses simple_background sketch solo spot_color texture very_long_hair  1girl baseball_bat bloomers bomb bow boxing_gloves cane chainsaw commentary_request dress dynamite eye_socket fourth_wall ganno george_the_bomb gloves gun handgun hat knife looking_at_viewer mechanical_arms nail nail_bat orange_hair peacock_(skullgirls) revolver sharp_teeth short_hair shotgun skullgirls soles teeth top_hat underwear weapon 1boy 1girl bald bangs beard chainsaw clock_tower_(series) clock_tower_the_first_fear crossover emphasis_lines evil_grin evil_smile facial_hair glasses grin jack_baker jennifer_simpson long_hair long_sleeves monochrome mustache parody parted_bangs pleated_skirt resident_evil resident_evil_7 setz shirt skirt smile striped striped_shirt suspender_skirt suspenders sweatdrop vertical-striped_shirt vertical_stripes windowboxed 2girls camel_(dansen) chainsaw female gun hat midriff milia monochrome multiple_girls navel sachiho skirt tail thigh_boots thighhighs weapon  1girl :< ass blue_hair chainsaw commentary_request crotchless_pants electricity flower_knight_girl from_behind full_moon gene_(gear_gene) hood looking_at_viewer looking_back moon over_shoulder panties shamusakuraran_(flower_knight_girl) sky solo star_(sky) starry_sky underwear weapon weapon_over_shoulder white_panties yellow_eyes 2girls blonde_hair blue_eyes book bow breasts brown_eyes brown_hair capelet chainsaw couch dress fedora food hair_bow hat hat_bow hat_ribbon highres ishimu lampshade large_breasts long_sleeves maribel_hearn mob_cap multiple_girls no_hat no_headwear popcorn purple_dress ribbon scared short_hair socks sweat television touhou track_suit usami_renko  2girls 4koma :3 bkub bow chainsaw comic greyscale hair_bow highres long_hair monochrome multiple_girls pipimi poptepipic popuko school_uniform serafuku sidelocks simple_background translated two-tone_background two_side_up 1boy ashley_j_williams blood brown_eyes brown_hair chainsaw english evil_dead gun highres injury looking_at_viewer male_focus manly muscle scar serious severed_hand severed_limb shotgun signature sockless solo torn_clothes weapon  1boy 1girl black_hair chainsaw commentary friday_the_13th iesupa mask myrtenaster rwby sweater_vest tattoo weiss_schnee white_fang_lieutenant white_hair 1girl armor armored_boots benghuai_xueyuan blurry blurry_background bodysuit boots breasts cable chainsaw cherry_blossoms choudan cleavage cleavage_cutout day electricity full_body gloves high_heel_boots high_heels highres holding holding_sword holding_weapon honkai_impact knee_pads large_breasts leaning_forward legs_apart mecha_musume mechanical_arm mole mole_on_breast murata_himeko neon_trim open_mouth parted_lips petals ponytail power_armor power_suit red_armor red_bodysuit red_hair short_hair shoulder_armor skin_tight smile solo standing sword teeth vambraces weapon  1girl black_dress black_hair black_ribbon bow chainsaw chibi commentary_request dress expressionless gradient_hair hair_ribbon kotatu_(akaki01aoki00) multicolored_hair original pink_bow pink_eyes pink_hair purple_hair ribbon simple_background solo thighhighs twintails wavy_hair weapon white_background white_bow  3girls 4koma amplifier bare_shoulders beard chainsaw choufu_shimin comic corset edward_teach facial_hair glasses greyscale jewelry kantai_collection kirishima_(kantai_collection) kongou_(kantai_collection) microphone monochrome multiple_girls necklace pirates_of_the_caribbean shinkaisei-kan ship sweat translated watercraft  1girl armpits axe bare_shoulders barefoot blonde_hair blush breasts chainsaw character_doll friday_the_13th full_body genderswap genderswap_(mtf) gengoroh green_skirt hockey_mask holding holding_weapon jason_voorhees kneeling long_hair looking_at_viewer mask mask_on_head miniskirt navel purple_eyes revealing_clothes skirt small_breasts solo stomach weapon  1girl aya_drevis bangs black_hair blue_background blue_dress blue_eyes blunt_bangs border bow chainsaw dress featherwings24 hair_bow holding jewelry juliet_sleeves long_hair long_sleeves mad_father outside_border pantyhose parted_lips pendant puffy_sleeves red_bow simple_background smile solo white_legwear  1girl aikatsu! 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